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Fri Jul 25 22:38:59 CDT 2003

2) Add new entries to the current command used to request for
username/password. This command is supposed to ask the client to draw data
a specific dialog. This is used in username requesting, password, magic map,
and i think the stats changing at the creation of player. I would like to be
able to send the text read from scroll and book in a specific dialog so
client could be able to put a scroll or a book in front of player in which
could read and turn the pages (little work for server, more impressive
side :P ). This could be extended to monuments and signs, to motd and

I was playing with the password stuff to implement a passwd command.  It was
pretty easy to do but not so easy to do it nicely and reuse the existing
code (the dialogue windows mostly).  The problem is that the Password thing
is so tied up with the player states and the player states are so
interconnected with the player creation system.  It would be nice to unknot
this out a bit from player creation to support reuse of the existing code to
allow players to change their passwords.  While doing this I thought it
might be neat to have a generic player state like ST_INPUT which could be
reused for various routines soliciting player input longer than a single
character.  This could be used for stuff like a dialogue for allocating
unassigned quest experience (the 'Prince says "I will increase your ability
in the skill of your choice..."), a way for NPCs to solicit an answer to a
question (at least a start towards this anyway),  or to make other new
features that relied on more than a single character response.

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