[CF-Devel] remove IP from who command

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Sat Jul 26 00:34:09 CDT 2003

Todd Mitchell wrote:
      I believe that the IP display should be removed from the who command 
      when used by non DM players.
  Is there a reason why?

      On a mostly unrelated note it would be an idea if the location portion 
      of Who was removed from non DM players as well and replaced with a spell 
      that locates other players, perhaps even a spell that checks against 
      the other players level to locate them.
  I think the original idea was to see where other players are, to assist in 
playing together.

  However, I could certainly see a feature like 'cloak' which hides where you 
are or whatever.  Only DM's could penetrate the cloak.

  I don't see much point to adding a complete set of spells to find players, and 
spells to make it harder to find.

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