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Sat Jul 26 10:39:43 CDT 2003

On 26-Jul-03 Mark Wedel wrote:
        The best thing to add to the client would be a dialogue box that always
      anything entered in it and returns it as 'say' command.  Thus, communication
      then just a matter of typing into that box and hitting return.
I think Todd was trying to do something more specific, where a NPC would ask
you a pointed question, and you would have to answer it.  I'm not sure I want
NPC's locking me into conversation.

I think what you really want there, is the ability for an NPC to lock step
through a conversation, not just respond to various keywords in any order. 
This might not be very difficult, but fixing it so that if someone walks out in
the middle of the conversation might need to get covered.

        I do agree that dialogues for some things could be better.  However, I'd
      this is more a feature on the client, eg, the client could have a special
      of 'type stuff into this box, and I'll send it to the server as a 'cast
      rune of <whatever was entered>'
That would probably be sufficient.

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