[CF-Devel] Adding improvments

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Sat Jul 26 15:09:03 CDT 2003

      I think Todd was trying to do something more specific, where a NPC would ask
      you a pointed question, and you would have to answer it.  I'm not sure I want
      NPC's locking me into conversation.
I was actually trying to get my mind around something more generic so
that I wouldn't have to write a new player state for every time you
wanted to query the player.  I don't want NPC's locking you into a
conversation per/se, but can think of times when you would want to
initiate getting input rather than having to doing everything
statelessly.  At he moment I don't know enough to see how it would work,
but my thought was that you would have a recieve_input function that
would be like a clearing house and just grab op->contr->write_buf and
put it somewhere that the calling function that initiated the query
could pick it up from...

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