[CF-Devel] Stats adjudication

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Wed Jul 30 02:00:13 CDT 2003

  IMO, a set of points vs random rolls is the way to go.

  The reason can be seen in the current method - if by re-rolling, you can get 
better stats, you'll re-roll to maximize your characters.  This is one reason I 
prefer just some set number of points.

  As for selection of stats, it then comes down to more interface of the client. 
Eg, it may be easier to have all the stats start at 12, and let players adjust 
them up or down.  that's really more an issue of refinement of the interface 
probably, and less about the system itself (unless you do want to limit 
adjustements within some value of the base stats).

  As for penalties, depnds on the character.  Arguably, most characters will 
care not a whole bunch about charisma.  But if your playing a fighter, you might 
be willing to also have a crummy pow score for example.

  IMO, the discussion at current time should really be about what a fair system 
(in terms of points or whatever is), and not about the interface.  If the 
handling is mostly done on the client, the interface can be much more flexible 
than right now, and also a whole bunch better.

  For example, the stats could have some column, like 'racial adjustment' and 
'class adjustment', and thus make it very easy to see how the race and class 
adjusts the stats for example

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