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Thu Jul 31 00:37:26 CDT 2003

  Actually, if the tables are smoothed out (eg, you get just as much in terms of 
added bonus from 20 to 25 and you do from 25 to 30), a more linear advancement 
system would also make sense.

  The system you describe in moria would probably make more sense for the 
current system, where going from an 18 to 19 makes a whole bunch more difference 
than from say 14 to 15.

  Anyways, the idea of increase the max stat and smoothing out the bonuses was 
just a random idea.

  But I guess what you're really saying was that it was relatively easy to get 
to your racial maximum, and then going beyond that is quite difficult, but still 

  Note that with the current stat gen system, average is I think around 13 (it 
uses the roll 4d6, keep best 3 method).

  I also note that code is place that will automatically re-roll if the sum of 
stats is less than 82 or greater than 116. This would be an average of 11.7 to 16.5.

  I agree it doesn't make a lot of sense for class to change stats.  Classes 
should really deal with starting skills, and starting equipment in most cases 
(spellbooks for spellcasters for example).

  As for stats, its tough.  Cha is always of limited usefulness (it gets you 
better prices in stores, but the simple way around this is to make up a first 
level character with a high charisma just for this purpose).

  fighter types have it easier - str, dex, con are useful for them.  Int, Wis, 
Pow are arguably less useful, until they want to pick up some spells.

  But spell casters have it harder.  Con is still useful for hp, str and dex for 
movement, but perhaps not as important.  So spell casters don't really have any 
stats they could toss something really low into, while other classes do.

  I don't really have any solution to that problem.  However, one could 
certainly argue that we should just get rid of charisma, make buying/selling 
fixed rate, and leave it that unless someone has something better to do with cha.

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