[crossfire] proposal: quest tracking

Mark Wedel mwedel at sonic.net
Thu Mar 3 02:06:01 CST 2005

Brendan Lally wrote:
      Following on from a discussion on IRC and after prompting from Lauwenmark, I 
      hereby submit a design proposal that might simplify questing (for a player) 
      within the game.
  <much snipped>

  Random question - any reason this couldn't be done by adding a tag type to the 
current message display to denote it is quest related info?

Eg, something like:
%quest guuhs head
this is info about guuhs head

  The say routines could be modified to look for the %quest tag, strip them out, 
and update the appropriate quest object.  Likewise, the enter object code could 
look for these messages.

  This reduces the work by quite a bit, as no new fields need to be added.

  It also has the advantage it could be used with the existing tags, so 
something like:

@match guuh
%quest guuhs head
<some detailed info about guuh>
@match bandit
%quest guuhs head
<some basic info about bandits>

  and so on.  Since it would be the actual say routine that would look for the 
%match, should be relatively easy to do.

  could be other % tags also.  Presumably, when the quest is completed, you 
probably want to have a magic mouth present that fact, so you could do something 

%terminate_quest guuhs head
<nice little message about completion of quest>

Just a thought.


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