[crossfire] Server map redo: movement types

Mark Wedel mwedel at sonic.net
Mon Sep 5 23:27:51 CDT 2005

Todd Mitchell wrote:

       And the issue isn't what movement types the player can potentially do 
      (jump for example) - going back to the original question was 'what to 
      do if the players movement type is MOVE_WALK | MOVE_FLY).
      I would think they would only be able to have one movement type at a 
      time.  If they are flying they can't pick up things on the ground or 
      trigger buttons and the like.  If they are walking then they aren't 
  But codewise, this gets trickier or we have to special case walking.

  as I think I described, move types would be similiar to attack types - all 
items that are equipped (which can include skills) with a movement type are OR'd 
together to determine what movement types the player is currently capable of.

  Thus, presuming no race has its actual movement type as fly (eg, its a skill 
you need to apply), everyone would just walk by default.  But when you did 
enable fly, your movement type would be MOVE_WALK | MOVE_FLY (because move_walk 
is a native movemetn type for everyone).

  That said, walk/swim/fly could all be skills, or skill like things you have to 
select.  However, that gets into A) auto apply the appropriate movement skill or 
B) having the player do it all the time.

  IMO, it is actually easier to let the movement types stack up.  In the case of 
MOVE_SWIM | MOVE_WALK, it makes it very easy - the transition is automatic - you 
walk into the water, and start swimming, or swim out and start walking.

  But that is also a simpler case, in that the two are mutually exclusive (can't 
really walk where we swim, and vice versa).

  But one thought is to make these all skills.  Thus, to use the skill swimming 
may require nothing on your arms (eg, the body_.. fields for swimming require 
both arms).  Walking could also be done as a skill - in this way, you'd only 
have one movement type at a time.

  The problem is this might get into weird interactions with other skills, eg, 
if we go with attacking, your skill is no longer walking but melee weapons or 
something, and have to go back to walking.  And unless the walking skill 
actually means something (would be weird to get exp in it, but one could see 
using it for different base movement speeds?) I'm not sure if it adds much.

  But as said, the weirdness here is the fly/walk combo, since you could use 
either over the same terrain.  And unless/until there is a disadvantage in 
flying, it'd seem you'd want to fly almost all the time, so auto selection there 
would be odd.

      agreed - if you wade in to the water you should assume you would start 
      swimming.  If you couldn't swim however I think you should stop and not 
      automatically start flying.
  One could argue that given the choice, you'd almost always want to fly over 
water than swim anyways.

  One could also see some switch like 'auto_move selection' or something.  But 
ideally, I want to keep it simple so that isn't needed.  And in the case of 
swimming, switching automatically could possibly unequip items, making it pretty 
unpopular (think about cases where there may be small amounts of water in 
dungeons near nasty monsters).

  Maybe explicitly requiring the player to use the method of movement is what 
needs to be done.  Thus may be needed just for sanity sake - player loaded down 
accidentally running into the lake and drowning would be pretty annoying.  And 
putting in a special case where if movement type is something beyond walk, we 
strip that out wouldn't be that hard to do, unless we want to make walking a 
basic skill.

       Just a note, that right now, dragons can fly unlimited distances (and 
      boots work forever) - you can't get over oceans, but can fly over 
      terrain that doesn't actually block passage (which is only high 
      mountain) and should be avoid all slow move penalties since it doesn't 
      apply to flying.
       So the only real change is possilibility of flying over water.  But 
      that has to be looked at for other reasons, notably that it would open 
      up the map a lot.
      Yes, however if flying is limited what happens if you run out of juice 
      while over a terrain you can't pass - I guess in most cases you would be 
      stuck untill you can rest and fly again but over say water... do you 
      take damage?  Drown?
  Well, depends on terrain I'd think.

  In cases of impassable terrain (high mountains or something?), perhaps take 
damage on landing, but once you have landed, should be OK.

  If you land in the water, you should perhaps drown - if you're flying over 
dangerous areas, in a sense, your doing it at your own risk.  If fatigue is 
added, that would be a similiar danger to swimming.


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