[crossfire] Crossfire site suggestions and request.

Mark Wedel mwedel at sonic.net
Tue Sep 13 01:18:15 CDT 2005

Mitch Obrian wrote:

      I was also thinking maybe we should have a /backup
      branch of cvs where we can upload tarballs of
      in-progress projects we are working on?
  CVS isn't designed, nor a good place, to use as an upload/storage site.  And 
ftp server for that matter would be better.  I'd have to look, but using CVS for 
that purpose may also be a violation of the sourceforge usage policy (I vaguely 
recall guidelines for what CVS can and can not be used for).

  Sourceforge does have a mechanism to attach files to patch and change requests 
- might be a maximum size.  but if there is a max size there, must likely they'd 
be unhappy if people put very large files files into the CVS repository.

  I personally want hte patch/RFE to be used for this - I don't want yet another 
place patches or files may be located.


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