[crossfire] Improved post office idea

Nicolas Weeger nicolas.weeger at laposte.net
Mon Sep 26 09:32:36 CDT 2005


When we'll have the new plugin system (*ponders sending in a
search party for gros*), I'll extend the post office to send
items to other players.

I think it's not that hard actually:
* sending player drops items on a some specific altar/square
* sending player says "send <player name>"
* items get teleported to a unique square in a global
(unlinked probably?) map
* during teleportation, the "custom_name" is set to receiving
* player wanting to get sent items goes to post office, says
"get items" (or opens container, ...), items get teleported
back from the unique map, custom_name is cleared, et voila,
item sent

Event option would be used to specify on which spot the player
should drop items and what map to put'em into, this would let
have different post offices :)

If many items are sent this way, then maybe the check on
whether a player has or not items in the unique map could be
skipped, and simply a message sent when items are sent.
(because each time a player connects you need to open the
storage map, check items for one having the right custom_name).

Also, there could be fun things to do with that:
* pay item-price/10 + item-weight/10 for standard send, but,
alas, probability to lose the item is ~10%
* pay item-price, item is either sent or you get item-price *
5 indemnity (~1% chance)
* delivery takes time
* receiving player pays some fees based on distance between
the 2 post offices (hard to compute distance, though)
* imagine some more :)


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