[crossfire] Modelling monsters, longer animations?

Pippijn van Steenhoven pipbsd at gmail.com
Sat May 13 20:09:02 CDT 2006

> * put generated pics in the arch/ directory
> * put models and scripts in a new 3dmodels or whatever directory

We are currently discussing this for Crossfire+. Ideas have mainly been
expressed in IRC but some are here:
http://cf.schmorp.de/tracker/view.php?id=49. Our plan is to make a separate
arch3d module that contains the models in .wings, .blend, .3ds, .whatever
and a yafray file .xml with a cfxmlrender .xml.cfg. Either there will be a
separate arch tree or the models will just reside alongside with
the .png, .arc and .trs files. lib/collect.pl will step over those calling
them garbage anyway.


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