[crossfire] Max State Cap (was: Re: classes & guilds)

Alex Schultz alex_sch at telus.net
Wed Jul 4 21:19:16 CDT 2007

Mark Wedel wrote:
>   changing the cap isn't that hard.
>   However, this has been done before - cap raised from 25 to 30, with a lot of 
> the same discussions (too easy for any class to max gmout stats, etc).
>   the basic problem is that unless the cap is really high (50+), it may not make 
> much difference if better and better items show up.  Perhaps related to that is 
> a change that raised the max level - when that happened, then it made sense for 
> those really high level quests to give out some good items that balanced with 
> it, so you now got better items, and so getting that max stat became easier again.
My thought on this issue with raising the cap, is that if better and
better items show up, THAT is the problem. Given the current state of
things, we could lower item bonuses and natural starting stats instead,
however I believe that it would be easier to change or remove the caps
AND be strict about not having too powerful items.

>   This can not be taken one piece at a time - the entire character life cycle 
> needs to be examined, in particular:
> - Is there a max level in the game?  If so, what should be it?
> - Is there a max stat value in the game?  If so, what should it be?
> - What should be the highest stat adjustment any single item in the game should 
> give out?
>   Last question is somewhat important.  IF the answer is say 5, then you 
> probably at minimum need the stat cap at least 25 higher than max natural stats 
> (get 4 rings of that and it is 20.  Or 2 rings, sword, amulet, etc).
What I'm pondering right now, is why should we need artificial caps on
level or stats at all really? Why not instead just make the
items and bonus calculations balanced with eachother? I think that caps
are unnecessary if that is done right really.

Alex Schultz

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