[crossfire] block view vs. xray vision

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Wed Jul 25 12:34:03 CDT 2007

On Wednesday 25 July 2007
Mark Wedel wrote:

> Kevin R. Bulgrien wrote:
> > The ground (/scorn/guilds/mailed_fist/ground) map in Scorn is made in
> > such a way that if you are wearing an XRay helmet you can see behind a
> > block view "wall" to see mechanisms that are used to make the map work.
> >  Is this expected behavior, and the map maker did not account for the
> > fact that XRay might show things that are not intended for players to
> > see?
>   Yes, and that probably isn't the only map - lots of maps don't take x-ray
> vision into account. [...]

True, I have seen several maps where the map maker apparently did not think 
about x-ray or did not care about x-ray. In my opinion x-ray means x-ray and 
it should be able to reveal everything within its' radius always. It is up to 
the map developers to take this into account.

When I created the "alarm system" on /brest/zorn/castle.upper.floor.two I made 
sure those with x-ray vision could not see the workings of the system. One 
could use the information from that to figure out how long one has before the 
alarm goes off (presuming it did not go off already). Thinking about x-ray 
vision and how to prevent its' use if needed is How It Should Be Done when 
designing maps. Not changing (nerfing) x-ray vision. One change I would agree 
is needed is that true x-ray vision would not show color through walls or in 
total darkness.

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