[CF-Devel] smoothing code.

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Mon Jul 7 21:35:05 CDT 2003

      On 06-Jul-03 tchize wrote:
      > Yet, the result may seems worse, but i did the picture of grass border
     in 10
      > minutes while last time is spend 2 hours on it, and i am a bad drawer.
      > is need for someone to draw better than me.
      Actually.. I think it looks alot better.
Yes, and if the hills overlapped the grass it would be nicer even. (why on
earth did you use the blackstone for a demo?) Once you see a few layers here
it will look much better.  I have made a start on some of these tiles.

     Your lack of artistic ability is
Hehe, such tact... ;)

      That IMHO, is perfect.  The seacoast looks much better too.
      From this I can see that the results of your code are exactly what I was
      for.. only the art needs to catch up now.
Yup, I agree.  Hopefully I can get some done quickly, over the next few days
(but no promises).  I am going to work on grass, sand, mountain and hills
for a starting point just in case anyone wanted to know - these should be
applicable for multiple ground types (the mountain should work for all
mountain, the hill for all hills...).  If anyone else is doing some of
these - let me know so I don't waste my time ok...

p.s  - the perhaps the layer order should be

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