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      3rd go to the crossfire discussion channel for help you will surely need
      (we all needed help to start handling drawing/coding under crossfire)
      #crossfire at irc.freenode.net
It should be obvious by now that I want to do some Crossfire coding, and I
want to do it right.  Do I really need to chat on IRC?  One of the
firewalls I am behind blocks all but HTTP and HTTPS ports, but at least it
proxies FTP via HTTP.  The other firewall is at work, and they probably
won't allow me to IRC from work.  So I am stuck with Yahoo's web based mail
and whatever I can point a browser at.

Are there other mailing lists or whatever I should be on?

Also, as has been pointed out to me recently, there is no point telling
people to try anonymous CVS from sourceforge, they won't allow it for now. 
Personally, I don't like sourceforge as the primary source for things, it
tends to be flaky and inconvenient.

      - Yahoo! Mobile
- Check & compose your email via SMS on your Telstra or Vodafone mobile.

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