[CF-Devel] bug/fix: creators and multi-square objects

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Mon Jul 28 19:15:01 CDT 2003


I've been hacking crossfire a lot recently, I have a private
server at home for the family and it serves as my testbed.

I mostly hang around on IRC when I'm connected (only happens at
work) and the message board.  I've been told I should submit
reports and patches to sourceforge, so that's what I'm doing.

My first two are in, pretty simple stuff:
a straightforward fix to sorig.arc (am I the only priest of
Sorig in the net?) and an improvement to the creator object.  If
someone could please spare a few minutes to review and possibly
integrate these fixes, I'd be very glad.

I'll tell you about the other things I've been trying tomorrow
when I get to work...

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