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Thu Jul 31 23:58:47 CDT 2003

        Actually, if the tables are smoothed out (eg, you get just as much in
     terms of
      added bonus from 20 to 25 and you do from 25 to 30), a more linear
      system would also make sense.
I am not a big fan of the 18/00 thing you can get the same effect with whole
numbers.  I do like the idea of twiddling the amount or type of
magic/potions you need to raise stats as you approach the ends of the
distribution curve (some loose idea like one potion per standard deviation).
Actually if it is harder to raise really high *and* really low stats this
partly addresses the issue of players plundering less useful stat values
into really low ranges to get more points in their prime stats since it
becomes much harder to recover from this behaviour.

        But I guess what you're really saying was that it was relatively easy to
      to your racial maximum, and then going beyond that is quite difficult, but
I wouldn't change the difficulty of raising the stat based on race either,
if a race start with 22 then it should be just as hard to raise the stat to
23 as if they were human starting at 20, raised to 21,22 and raising it to
23.  Having the racial bonus should only be applicable to starting, not a
ongoing bonus throughout the game.

        Note that with the current stat gen system, average is I think around 13
      uses the roll 4d6, keep best 3 method).
        I also note that code is place that will automatically re-roll if the
     sum of
      stats is less than 82 or greater than 116. This would be an average of
     11.7 to 16.5.
Yes but as you say players will roll until they get the 116...  A stat
average of ~12.5 seems reasonable to me.  Of course it all depends on the
basic maximum and the bonuses you get for the stats.

        I agree it doesn't make a lot of sense for class to change stats.
      should really deal with starting skills, and starting equipment in most
      (spellbooks for spellcasters for example).
Ya, skills - not to say an exception can't be made, to balance some other
large factor (perhaps like for monks) or whatever, but *most* classes should
not have stat modifiers.  However I think that currently with races and
classes that both get an stat bonus for the same reason (like no armor) this
is being abused.

        I don't really have any solution to that problem.  However, one could
      certainly argue that we should just get rid of charisma, make
      fixed rate, and leave it that unless someone has something better to do
     with cha.
Keep Charisma!  I think that just working the stats into more things over
time (especially more skills) would fix this sort of thing - Crossfire
already does a pretty good job of using the stats compared to many games-
although the system may need some value adjustments.  Anyway there is always
lots of ways to work existing stats into the game more, especially with a
new skills system.  Imagine if  NPC's would not speak as much to player with
low CHA (lots of work...), or if it impacted your summoning skills or number
and duration of pets or such.  Then again if CHA and POW were merged into
one stat that would be interesting...

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