[CF-Devel] Stats adjudication

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Tue Jul 29 00:23:43 CDT 2003

  I'll note that if we decide to go to a point based system, one could start 
re-thinking much more than just points for stats.

  For example, most of the races are tried to be balanced by stat adjustments. 
If a race is much better, may we say 'that race costs 8 character points'.  Or 
that race really sucks, and we'll give you 5 character points if you play it.

  As for stat system, presumably the idea of 'all players start with the same 
stats' is meaning something like, you get 18, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12 (or 
whatever) and let the players arrange them?

  that seems a bit boring to me - one could look at one of the other proposed 
systems and say 'well, that system basically costs X points.  So why not just 
give them X points to do as they want?'

  Now if one was going to re-do the stats, one could even take it further and 
re-do the stat tables.   Right now high stats are very important, because at 
around 20, the bonus really start jumping up (for grace, for example, a 21 gets 
you a 10 bonus.  a 24 gets you a 20 bonus.  From 11 to 20, the grace bonus just 
goes up one at a point.

  One could just completely smooth the tables, ala AD&Dv3.  If that was done, 
you could remove all stat limits (90 strength?  Fine.)  This would probably make 
things a bit more interesting in fact - do you get for that 34 int but only 26 
pow, or do you go for 30 int and 30 pow?

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