[crossfire] GTKv2 client checked in

Mark Wedel mwedel at sonic.net
Wed Mar 2 02:25:16 CST 2005

  For those of you that don't get the CVS log messages, I just checked in my 
gtk-version2 client.  Below is a copy of the README file - if please read it 
before trying out the client (if you choose to do so).  One thing that should be 
noted that after doing a cvs update -dP to get the new directory, you must run 
configure for it to even attempt to compile the client.  If it finds the 
necessary libraries, it will compile it, if it doesn't, it won't try.  But if 
you don't re-run configure, your makefile and other bits won't even know about 
the new client.

This is an implementation of the crossfire client for gtk v2.

At current time, this should be considered somewhere between alpha and beta
quality code.

I consider it complete enough that you should be able to play the game using
this client.  However, all the feature certainly are not implemented.  It is
just at the point of development where I consider it useful enough to make
available and get feedback (as well as hopefully some others to help finish
some things up).

The client was designed largely to my tastes - this, what is implemented
reflects the options I tend to use and the display I like.

Please note some of the mechanics are a little different now.  Containers
are now displayed inline with inventory/look windows using tree widgets.

The gtk-v2 client should be built automatically if you have the requisite
libraries on your system (configure will detect them, add gtk-v2 to
the list of directories to build).

Note that the defaults file that this client uses for loading defaults
is ~/.crossfire/gdefaults2.  It uses the same keybinding and other files
as the other clients.

The following limitations/issues are known:

1) Many of the config options available in the gtk client are not available.
It is likely some number of these will never re-appear (IMO, the GTK client
had a problem of more and more options, which makes the code messier and

2) The layout was designed for screens at 1280x1024 resolution or higher.
Resizing the images and moving the panes around _may_ work on lower
resolutions, but that wasn't my design goal.

3) SDL support is not yet implemented.

4) At least on my system, it overall seems slower than the gtk client -
especially the inventory drawing area.  I think this is a gtkv2 issue.

5) Map drawing is probably slower - rather than trying to redraw just changed
spaces, it redraws the entire map - this should fix up some of the erroneous
drawing as related to big images, but can be slower.

If you find bugs, please report them on the sourceforge tracker:


Please use the category gtk2-client.

If you plan to work on code for the client, please browse the TODO
file as well as the README-dev file.

Mark Wedel
March 1, 2005


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